Sterling Silver jewellery can last a lifetime if loved and cared for.

Due to its chemical properties, Sterling Silver tarnishes or ‘oxidises’ naturally when exposed to air. However, following the below advice and cleaning your jewellery regularly or when required will keep your pieces looking like new:


  • Keep unworn jewellery in a dark, dry place (for example a box or a pouch) to reduce the time it takes to tarnish.

  • Be aware of the first signs of tarnishing. The silver will usually become less shiny and dull looking before it starts to discolour. It only takes a few seconds to restore it to its original appearance by using a silver polishing cloth.

  • If left too long, the silver will begin to look brassy or dark brown in colour. But don’t worry! It’s still very easy to clean. The polishing cloth should be able to do most of the work, but if your pieces have any hard to reach areas, we recommend using a Silver polishing liquid to get into all those nooks and crannies (the liquid should not to be used with stones of any kind).
  • Sterling Silver is safe to wear in all environments. However, the more it is exposed to water, sweat, perfumes, oils and humidity, the quicker it tends to tarnish. In order to keep your Silver looking it’s best, we recommend removing your jewellery in the shower, when exercising and keeping it clean of cosmetics and perfumes whenever possible.